Overview week 31

Monteverde Monza

Started the week with cleaning the Sheaffer Pop Star wars and put it aside. I like this pen and I’m sure I’ll use it later again.

Time for inking 2 new fountain pens: the Pilot Metropolitan and the Monteverde Monza. For the Pilot I used a Pilot blue ink cartridge and from the first seconds I wrote with it, it gave me such joy. This looks to be a promising pen.

Pilot Metropolitan

Regarding the Monteverde Monza, this seems to be one that started with (a lot of) inkflow problems when using Lamy mango ink. I changed the ink to Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine what seems to be a bit better. Looking forward to create a full review of these 2 pens.

As July is finished, this means I can create a list of new things to buy 😀 and order them next week. I just have in mind to, perhaps, buy less pens because there is a lot of unused pens I own I need to review….oh a fountain pen hobby is sooooo nice to: always busy inking, testing, re-inking, re-testing, drawing, doodling, writing reviews, you see rather time-consuming.

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