Budget explained

Now I was wondering how much money I should (or could) spend? You can buy cheap ones for a couple of Euros, but the expensive ones are way out of reach (read budget) for me. So the budget must be something inbetween. Because it is the start of a new hobby, I need to be careful not to exaggerate, and do it step by step. So I had the following in mind:
Max. start budget = 8 Euro (to start with something)
For the next buy, I raise the budget with 20% maximum. So, the next pen must be maximum 8,99 Euro. If the next pen costs eg. 8,50 Euro, then my next new (fountain) pen may only cost max. 10,20 Euro, and so on and so further.

My current budget

After buying the Lamy Logo fountain pen, my max. budget for my next fountain pen is now raised to € 38,28 (31.90 raised by 20%).
Budget raisers: Pelikan Twist -> 8,99 Jinhao x450 -> 9,60 Bamboo pen -> 11,96 Jinhao 159 -> 13,20 Sheaffer calligraphy -> 15,00 Waterman Graduate Allure -> 16,78 Faber-Castell Grip 2010 -> 17,95 Lamy vista -> 21,42 Cross Bailey Light -> 25,20 Noodler’s Ahab -> 27,60 Lamy AL-star -> 32,28 Lamy Logo -> 38,28 Faber-Castell Loom piano -> 45,60


If you are new to fountain pens or if you want to learn more about them, then perhaps my reviews will help you.


There is a lot of information to be found on the internet about the beautiful fountain pens. Take a look at my links to find your way.

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