Sheaffer Intensity Ferrari

Sheaffer Intensity
Ferrari livery

As a pen-reviewer, my intention is to find interesting good looking pens at a good price, read cheap price. So, by browsing on the internet I stumbled upon the Sheaffer Intensity Ferrari pen, sold new on ebay for € 27,60. Normally, this pen is sold for around € 85. I really had to buy this pen and get my hands on it. Hope you enjoy this review, also because this is my first pen in my (what I call) middle range class fountain pens.

When buying on ebay (and in general when buying online), you have to consider the costs for sending the package. For this pen I paid € 10 and that’s a lot for a pen of € 27,60. But, I’m sure I did a good thing on this one. The pen arrived without any problem. Oh I was happy with this one.

The Ferrari Scuderia edition of the Sheaffer Intensity fountain pen really looks good. On the outside, it looks sporty (hmm that yellow colour), of good quality and a real eye-catcher. On first sight, there was no minor thing to mention.

The pen comes in a nice red box with the Ferrari log on it. In the box there are 2 cartrigdes (black and blue) and a Sheaffer converter.

When I first had the pen in my hands, if felt quite heavy, this is because the pen is an all-metal pen. I like the matt finishing yellow touch. Other parts of the pen are in polished chrome, such as the clip on the cap, the band around the cap and the bottom and top bands of the pen. As said, this pen really looks sporty and of good quality.

To open the pen, you have to unscrew the cap. The screwing and unscrewing really works fine, I did not have a feeling to be too loose. When I saw the section and the nib, I was surprised how good it matches with the outer chrome parts of the pen. Although I can imagine that the polished chrome section could be a problem regarding to the grip for those with sweaty hands. And yes, when my hands were sweaty, the grip became tricky. I like that the pen has a long section, so one should easily find a comfortable grip on it.

On the clip of the cap you find the Ferrari logo with above the white dot Sheaffer logo, very nicely and eye catching.

The nib is a medium nib with Sheaffer logo on it. The fountain pen is also available with a fine nib.

When I unscrewed the section…I made my first big mistake perhaps in my fountain pen hobby grrr. On the section I saw the converter. My first thought was that the section was broken. So I removed it and pulled on the part in the section with pliers. And then all of a sudden I realised I was doing stupid things. The Sheaffer inking/feeding system is a bit different of what I’m used to. The converter was not broken at all. So, then I noticed I had damaged the part of the section that connects with the convertor. Oh, I was mad at myself, I just broke a good looking Sheaffer Ferrari pen!

So for this review, I will not judge the ink feeding system. When I inked the pen, I noticed it started leaking on the inside because of the damage I caused.

Nevertheless, I managed to do some writing with the pen, and my impression is how smooth the nib is. Even more, I manage to do some slight line variation when writing by altering the pressure on the nib.

One disadvantage, the pen is top heavy and for that reason I would not recommend you to use it in a posted way. Also then the pen becomes long.

As a final conclusion, I have to say this is a top fountain pen. The pen writes well, looks good and has everything at this point to be one of my top fountain pens, if not be it my top fountain pen. I have to admit, the ink feeding system confused me, but for sure, shortly I will buy a new Sheaffer Intensity, the without destroying the internal ink feeding system. Take my advice: you really should by this one!

The good and the bad:

+ good looking fountain pen, top!
+ high quality finish
+ writing performance of the nib
– the connection between the section and the converter confused me
– top heavy
– the chrome section can become slippery, especially when hold with sweaty fingers

Some technical info:
  • Length:
    • 13,6 cm closed
    • 12,2 cm without cap
    • 16,2 cm posted
  • Weight:
    • 31 gr. complete (empty)
    • 12 gr. without cap
  • Ø
    • ​1,1 cm barrel
    • 0,9 cm grip
    • 1,2 cm cap
    • 1,9 cm cap with clip included

Fancy a cheaper Sheaffer?

–> check it out!

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