Overview week 32

I planned to publish this overview of last week earlier, but due to changing plans, I finished the overview just today. With changing plans I refer to moving my house as from 1 November 2020. So a lot of things need to be considered and prepared. I started this week with reflecting on some things.Continue reading “Overview week 32”

Review of the Platinum Preppy

Reading blogs and watching Youtube about fountain pens, I noticed many fountain pen users like the Platinum Preppy. Even, some of them have a Preppy collection, almost like the Preppy is into some kind of hype. So enough for me to find out what’s so special about this pen. Are you preppy, euh prepared? ReadContinue reading “Review of the Platinum Preppy”

Review of the Sheaffer Pop Star Wars Darth Vader fountain pen

I don’t know the reason but somehow, in my early stage of collecting fountain pens, I got a connection with the Sheaffer brand. In January 2020, I already did a review on their calligraphy pen (check review). Now, to continue with Sheaffer, I got interested in the Sheaffer Pop collection, a collection well suited forContinue reading “Review of the Sheaffer Pop Star Wars Darth Vader fountain pen”

Review Cross Bailey Light

Since the start of my fountain pen hobby, initially I reduced my budget to beginner fountain pens (budget of max. € 20). And then after each buy, I gradually raised my budget. Now, at this point my budget gives me the opportunity to buy pens from the – what I call – next-level fountain penContinue reading “Review Cross Bailey Light”