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In 2020 I started a new fantastic hobby, collecting fountain pens. I like fountain pens because when writing with them, they give you a special feeling. Also, many people look surprised when they see you using a fountain pen. Oh a fountain pen :-). Nowadays, it seems some kind of revival of the fountain pen is going on. New models in different seizes and colours are released. Also, I like reviewing them and use them for doing some funny things: writing, calligraphy, doodling, arty things and many more. It is really amazing the pleasure they give you. Also, you can use different ink, different paper and in some way fountain pen tuning is trendy. So as you see, a lof things to offer on my site.

So, if you you ask yourself the question if a fountain pen could be something for you, then I strongly recommend you to dig into my site, for sure you find some ideas and perhaps you consider to try it out yourself.

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Pen reviews, ink and some arty stuff

My main goal is to have joy in the use of a fountain pen, but also, share this with you and promote the fountain pen in many ways. If you have interest, try to read some of my reviews, perhaps your future fountain pen is in there.

A pen is useless without ink. Fortunately, many different ink is available. The sky is the limit and many colours will surprise you. And shouldn’t we match the ink with the colour of the pen?

Just collecting pens without doing something with them would be a shame and waste of money. So I try to use them in many different ways like writing, drawing, doodling and combining them with paint. I’m not an artist (and I don’t pretend to be one), but being creative on my own way gives me lots of joy.

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What’s the point of collectiong fountain pens?

Perhaps that’s the question lot of people have in mind but it’s also the question I had when I started collecting fountain pens. For me, writing or drawing with a fountain pen is like going back in time, it surprises me the joy they give me.

How long has its been since you inked-up a fountain pen and use it for writing or did you ever used a fountain pen? For sure you will like it because it gives you a special feeling.

I you asked me three words to describe the feeling of using a fountain pen, these are:

  • special
  • joy
  • revival

Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘At Montblanc we believe that everyone can leave a mark’

From the beginning stages of assembling individual parts to presenting a truly alive and resplendent piece, our products are lifestyle companions that will accompany yours and future generations to come.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Pelikan passion’

180 years of Pelikan, 180 years of passion. The Pelikan anniversary is here to spread a message coming from the depth of the heart: Passion worldwide! We owe this moment to our founder, Carl Hornemann, who was a pioneer and laid the foundation for his successors, Günther Wagner and Fritz Beindorff. Together, they showed courage and an inventive spirit, and established our company in the international market. A great success that we maintain conscientiously today. After all, passion is a way of life for Pelikan.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Care for your pen’

Crafted with extraordinary skill, expertise, and passion, each Parker pen is designed to be maintained for life. 


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