Overview week 32

I planned to publish this overview of last week earlier, but due to changing plans, I finished the overview just today. With changing plans I refer to moving my house as from 1 November 2020. So a lot of things need to be considered and prepared.

I started this week with reflecting on some things. I thought by myself that I was keeping to much track of things by using my computer. So, too much in a digital way. So the idea of keeping track of things in notebooks rather than on computer started. And by doing this, I would more use my fountain pens 🙂

For doing this, I created following notebooks:

  • Bullet journal (but in a very minimal way)
  • Sketching book (for doing my arty things)
  • Fountain pen book (a list of my fountain pens)
  • Pen book (a list of pens other then fountain pens)
  • Pen rotation (a list of inked pens)
  • Writing sample (a list how a pen writes with a certain ink)
  • Advertising pens (a list of cheap pens I got for free with ads on)
  • Quotes
  • … and perhaps more notebooks

At the end of this week I discovered something very nice. When sorting some old things (see move of my house) I discovered and old Waterman fountain pen in a box. I remember this pen in some way. But I don’t know what type of Waterman this is and I can’t also remember the period I bought this pen. I know for sure I bought this pen as a new one. I cleaned the pen and it seems it is in a good condition. I added it to the list of pens to be reviewed. Is asked the question on internet (Twitter and Insta) if someone could identify this pen. It seem to be a Waterman Super Master? Perhaps you can confirm this, or provide me with more info?

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