Overview week 30

It’s rather a strange week. We had a bank holiday on tuesday, so on monday and tuesday I was very chill. The only irritating thing that is not chilling is the Corona virus. It keeps upsetting our daily life, and for some it seems the virus is on holiday…but it isn’t. Lockdown 2.0 is in sight!

First part of the week I focused on drawing with pencils, just to see how this compares to drawing with fountain pens, still a long way to go.

Then finally on wednesday, I received a pen that has been for some time in my head, but now I got it for real: the Jinhao Dragon pen.

The pen looks good and special, so I put it on my list of pens to be reviewed.

This week I succeeded in finishing the review of the Platinum Preppy. It is a pen I already own from February. I had some problems with converting it into an eyedropper pen. On Sunday I converted it into an up-and-running eyedropper pen. Perhaps you should read my review.

My inked pens stay the same as last week, but for next week, I guess there will be some change 🙂

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